November 1, 2017

A major milestone of 2017 was being asked in by Turner Broadcasting to present our interactive marketing ideas for two upcoming shows: all-new OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes on Cartoon Network and the return of Wacky Races on Boomerang. The brief was to dream up some fun, fresh, attention-grabbing initiatives to grab the attention of kids and their parents on social.

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

For OK K.O.! we gave fans the chance to rub shoulders with K.O. and his friends at Lakewood Plaza by creating hundreds of animated ‘Hero Cards’, each incorporating a unique illustration. To raise awareness of the initiative we worked with a great group of parent influencers and ran targeted promos on communities including Netmums and Tots 100.


We also produced a broad selection of creative content for organic and boosted posting on Cartoon Network’s social channels. By up-weighting emphasis on some of the adults characters from the show we were able to engage parents and deliver some of the best performing posts:




Wacky Races

For the much anticipated return of this classic toon we pitted four of the UK’s most popular pooches against each other in a series of ‘races’ hosted on Instagram Stories. Fans and followers could vote for their favourites ‘animal influencer’ using the new polling feature until one of our canine celebrities topped the podium and was crowned “The Fast & The Furriest”.



Again this was supported by a selection of clips, countdowns and other custom formats reinforcing that beneath a shiny new exterior purred the engine of the same vintage classic:




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