Too big to fail?

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You wait months for an infographic, then two come along at once. Couldn’t resist posting this, especially given my own view that we’ve recently reached ‘Peak Face’. Facebook’s total subscriber base will continue to grow, but my guess is we’ll start to see larger and larger numbers of long-term users concentrated in countries that saw the earliest adoption of the service starting to lose interest and drift away.

[ Update: 10:18 18/10/11 ] Within hours of posting this Sean Parker tells the Web 2.0 summit that all Facebook’s ‘power users’ are leaving for Twitter or Google+, Chris ‘moot’ Poole (founder of 4chan) tells the same audience that Facebook AND Google are getting it all wrong by having us believe we’re mirrors when in fact “we’re more like diamonds” AND someone directs me to, definitely the single creepiest use of Facebook Connect I’ve ever seen. Peak Face people, I’m telling you.

Rest of infographic follows (or click here to open a higher quality version):

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On October 17, 2011

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