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Every now and then we pitch an idea we like so much, we agree that if a client doesn’t buy it we’ll just go ahead and do it anyway. Typically this turns out to be hyperbole, not least because we’re not in the business of, well, not doing business. Until now.

Rescore.TV began life as one such idea. It was only a few dozen lines of code from “wouldn’t it be cool if…” to a functioning prototype. Unencumbered by the constraints facing a major corporation – and as confident as we could ever be that we’re complying with the YouTube Terms of Service – we decided to stick a logo on it and call it something catchy.

The charm of Rescore.TV, we think, is how damn simple it is. Even fully realised it’s still only 300 lines of code, an amalgam of PHP, JavaScript and CSS branded at a stroll by our very own TinyMaster.

So have a play. We’ve included a few favourites: you haven’t lived until you’ve heard KINGSMAN rescored with Dolly Parton, and FURIOUS 7 with Beastie Boys, oh and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON with Thin Lizzy. Be sure to tell us if you find any killer combos of your own.

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On January 27, 2015

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  1. jan light says:

    Well this was an entertaining displacement activity when I was supposed to be editing a paper …………

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