The highs and lows of Jordan Belfort’s life as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ were the inspiration for this social content campaign, summed up by the client as some of “the most shareable content we’ve ever created”.


Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio reunite once again to tell Belfort’s story of excess and debauchery in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. It’s one wild ride and we got to “Run with the Wolf” by creating the infographic of the same name (left).

Designed by long-time collaborator and friend of Glass Eye HelloMuller, the infographic visualises Jordan’s rise to the dizzy heights of wealth, his indulgent lifestyle and the jaw-dropping numbers that pepper his tale.

We also adapted the static artwork into video version (above), produced for the UK and localised for both Germany and Spain, which saw pick-up across the likes of The Daily Mail, The Sun, MSN, IGN and The Mirror.

Universal even managed to get a few printed editions signed by DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, which proved a hit with local partners as competition prizes. (Word is DiCaprio requested three copies for himself!)

Finally, we created a series of exclusive seasonal standalone modules, celebrating the festive season with Jordan’s more exorbitant exploits:




Here’s the final infographic, realised as probably the largest animated GIF you’ve ever seen:

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The facts and figures behind the film brought to life as a suite of social content, visualising the highs and lows of Jordan Belfort’s life as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.

January 27, 2014