Bringing the world(s) of time-travel adventure PROJECT ALMANAC to life on Twitter and Facebook.

Not far out from the UK release of PROJECT ALMANAC our Twitter feed was alive with people hailing out @edent’s Twitter Choose-Your-Own-Adventure as the-best-thing-since-the-last-best-thing.

No sooner had it been shared internally than one of our number piped up that it would be interesting to do something along those lines for Paramount’s PROJECT ALMANAC, sagely realising that CYOA and time travel go together like Marty and Doc Brown.

With the client on board we reached out to @edent and long-time friend-of-the-Eye @sizemore to see if they could be persuaded team up and create something that cut the temporal mustard. They could. Start your adventure here:

“Choose-Your-Own-Almanac” proved popular with fans and film-makers alike, and even received the official blessing of the platform integral to its execution:

It was great fun to make, and typifies the kind of socially-native, low-friction initiatives we’re all about. We also created a bunch of ‘social content’ – lightweight, story-driven artwork and animation conceive to stir emotions and capture imaginations – a selection of which is featured below:

Cause = Effect… Jonny Weston (The Divergent Series UK, Taken 3) stars in Project Almanac – in cinemas Monday!

Posted by Project Almanac on Thursday, 12 February 2015

Who knew time travel would be this electrifying? Project Almanac is in cinemas now.

Posted by Project Almanac on Tuesday, 17 February 2015

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"Choose-Your-Own-Almanac" Twitter game & social content campaign promoting time-travel adventure PROJECT ALMANAC.

April 9, 2015