“We get all the best toys…”

We closed out 2011 with the delivery of two weapons-grade web apps promoting the international theatrical release of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which sees the fourth instalment of the series already closing in fast on the worldwide $400m taken down by Mission: Impossible III.

The first of these to go live was Mission: Impossible – Burj Intercept, making pioneering use of Microsoft’s ‘Deep Zoom‘ zooming technology to let you infiltrate and disrupt a covert deal going down at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, scene of a dizzying and much-lauded sequence from the film itself:

Second up was Mission: Impossible – Mask Maker, using Adobe Flash 11‘s break-through Stage3D support in combination with face-recognition libraries from FaceGen and Beyond Reality Face to let you create your own 3D mask from a 2D image:

This brings to an end a big year for Glass Eye, one that’s seen us go from strength to strength. As we enter 2012 we already have a couple of great campaigns in production, but in the mean time here’s the requisite roll call at the end of another challenging and enjoyable campaign. Hand-picked for this mission (in no particular order) were Cat, Tom, Georgi, Chris, Immo, Tokyo, Juan, Matt with thanks also due to Marianne, Emma and Heath at PPI.

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Two pioneering web apps using cutting edge tech fit for any undercover op.

July 17, 2013